“Wallpaper* strives to keep its edge with guest eds and die-cuts

Print can still do lots of things you can’t do online, and one of the more striking and tactile techniques in the print designer’s armoury is die-cutting, writes John L. Walters. The October issue of Wallpaper*, out next Thursday (11 September), goes to town with some sculptural custom cuts – in a special sixteen-page section, and on one of the three alternative front covers. But they don’t appear to be the kind of gratuitous ‘paper porn’ you see in elaborate paper promotions, or in limited-edition laser-cut book art like Olafur Eliasson’s (admittedly rather beautiful) Your House. This is a mass-market mag with a print run of 200k, destined for your local newsagent.

We’ve not managed to get our hands on a copy yet, but these snaps show something of the way this labyrinth of die-cuts springs from the content provided by Zaha Hadid, one of three guest editors. (The other two are artist Louise Bourgeois and Comme des Garçons founder Rei Kawakubo.) Hadid’s reputation rested on two-dimensional work on paper (see ‘The architect as illustrator’ by Catherine Slessor, Eye no. 35 vol. 12) long before she built anything substantial, so it is no surprise to see her work in the medium of a magazine. (She contributed a limited edition cover to the May 2006 Wallpaper*, too.) The gatefold cover and cut pages represent Hadid’s Lotus, to be launched at the Venice Biennale next Friday (12 September).” via eye blog





mwm graphics

April 5, 2009

diversity and quality are two things coming to mind when i look at what matt w moore does professionally. he is a designer, illustrator and generally a creative mind i guess. and, it’s pretty hard to stand out these days where you can find pretty much everything over and over again, where the same thing with just a different name on the tag is only a mouse click away.

doesn’t happen that often that you find someone who does wallpapers, snowboards, art, packaging and other stuff with such a high quality level and unique style.

check out his site and work. mwm graphics






artless, shun kawakami

April 1, 2009

pretty interesting guy this shun kawakami from japan. born 1977 in tokyo he became an artist and designer, co-founder and head of artless inc. an art and design studio that focuses mainly on graphic arts and design, interactive, installation, video and exhibition.

get lost on the artless website, pretty interesting, the site itself as well as their work – artless.co.jp



slip is a short film produced by the interactive agency akqa for xbox. it is produced pretty well, the images are great and the VO fits the purpose and visuals. the film portrays a freerun beyond the possible. the footage was filmed by 4 HD cameras, capturing 1000 frames per second.

akqa claims this has been the first time cameras like these were attached to a freerunner, filming the pov. golden square did the post production, adephoi music the sound design.

jay z typography

March 12, 2009

brooklyn (go hard), interesting video but it would have been nice to form the face out of the lyrics versus just the brooklyn. anyways refreshing to see from jay z instead of some worn out gangster stuff, quite stylish.

impressive his architectural work. kim høltermand, born 1977 in denmark. don’t know much more than that. but most importantly is anyways what he does – photography. i like how he merges the authenticity of a moment and place with style and purity. obviously it is subjective but i love this kind of photography and image esthetic.

more here. holtermand.dk





here is a digital artist called eric sin but some of his work looks like salvador dali was using his computer and moved his mouse for him. other stuff looks like joshua davis was over for a coffee and some stuff is i guess pretty cool and genuine.

then all of a sudden it makes sense to me. the guy is 19 years old. shit, that puts it into perspective. first of all he is still finding himself, second of all it’s amazing what those kids can do nowadays. over are the atari days!

have to point again to depthcore.com for some really good digital work. don’t miss looking into it.