mwm graphics

April 5, 2009

diversity and quality are two things coming to mind when i look at what matt w moore does professionally. he is a designer, illustrator and generally a creative mind i guess. and, it’s pretty hard to stand out these days where you can find pretty much everything over and over again, where the same thing with just a different name on the tag is only a mouse click away.

doesn’t happen that often that you find someone who does wallpapers, snowboards, art, packaging and other stuff with such a high quality level and unique style.

check out his site and work. mwm graphics







wow – eico hanamura

March 25, 2009

let’s go back to the 60s for a second, across the ocean, far far away. interesting pop-art, manga, kitsch japan style illustration by artist eico hanamura. interesting personality and story, read the interview from pinmag.



i don’t really know what to say but this is so insane that you have to take a look at it. reverend brendan powell smith goes nuts with lego to illustrate stories from the bible. he builds the sets, shoots them, created a website and published a book with over 300 stories. this is wild, take a look.

the brick testament website.