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April 9, 2009

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get it on with durex

April 2, 2009

not necessarily the funniest viral movies i’ve ever seen but worth watching. and the product is fun, so what the fxxx, right? definitely somewhat different then the usual condom advertising of just the product and a funny or provocative line to go with it. this is about having fun and that comes across.

check ’em out from top to bottom:

LED sheep

April 2, 2009

samsung, one of the consumer electronic companies that usually does stuff more on boring side of life landed now a big hit with their viral video “extreme sheepherding” done by the viral factory.

it is definitely entertaining to watch. having that said i can’t push upcoming thoughts about sony’s extremely successful color campaign aside. the fact that the two companies are direct competitors makes me, from a creative perspective, feel just slightly uncomfortable. anyways check it out so you know what people talk about right now.

artless, shun kawakami

April 1, 2009

pretty interesting guy this shun kawakami from japan. born 1977 in tokyo he became an artist and designer, co-founder and head of artless inc. an art and design studio that focuses mainly on graphic arts and design, interactive, installation, video and exhibition.

get lost on the artless website, pretty interesting, the site itself as well as their work –



these have been around for a while but i just came across ’em again and think they worth watching. actually pretty funny commercials for done by the LA creative shop 72andsunny.

ok, here is something really funny. we all know a lot of people are looking for a job right now and a lot of companies think they can sell shit as a glorious position but this is the top of what i have seen so far – take a look below, i bolded the craziest parts.

did you ever hear of a recruiting company that accepts applications on tuesdays and thursday between 9 and 12? am i going to schedule my email application? that is hilarious! also, one of your duties would be “answer emails from various people”. what the fxxx. is this funny or what? or sad? i think it’s great.


alright folks, go for it and apply. more cool jobs are here.


Creative Director

Local company is looking for an eager to learn, driven employee to become the newest member of their team! Applicant should have skills in desk top publishing, graphic arts, marketing, writing, needle crafts and crafts in general.

Job duties would include but are not limited to, creating a marketing plan each year, presentation to company owner, edit and create articles for websites, newspapers, and magazines, answer e-mails from various people, create fliers and newsletters through out the year, maintain retailer database in targetware and send out monthly news briefs.

Apply at Mancan
116 Putnam St.
Marietta Ohio

Applications are accepted Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am until 12pm. Applicants must bring photo ID and social security card.

If anyone can…MANCAN!



design a hoodie

March 25, 2009 is a fun and extremely smart marketing webpage done by the fashion label champion (actually nightagency did it but …). they basically created a website that allows you to design one or several hoodies you can enter into a hoodie contest. having that said you can only enter if you register and all of sudden they have your personal data and thousands of hoodie designs they don’t need to pay some fashion designer for.

and as the page itself states, there are 157277 hoodie designs so far. not bad guys. it’s a good page though and actually fun to throw a few patterns on the hoodie.

try here.