mwm graphics

April 5, 2009

diversity and quality are two things coming to mind when i look at what matt w moore does professionally. he is a designer, illustrator and generally a creative mind i guess. and, it’s pretty hard to stand out these days where you can find pretty much everything over and over again, where the same thing with just a different name on the tag is only a mouse click away.

doesn’t happen that often that you find someone who does wallpapers, snowboards, art, packaging and other stuff with such a high quality level and unique style.

check out his site and work. mwm graphics







wow – eico hanamura

March 25, 2009

let’s go back to the 60s for a second, across the ocean, far far away. interesting pop-art, manga, kitsch japan style illustration by artist eico hanamura. interesting personality and story, read the interview from pinmag.



for some pain never stops

November 7, 2008

visually stunning piece. tbwa in paris is again on the forefront of fantastical art direction. there must be something about the environment over there that creates and inspires the creative guys to emotionally moving and visually progressive work. it’s not the first time, remember the amnesty international ads?

joshua davis

November 16, 2007

joshua davis is a design troublemaker. “a lot of printers ask me how I created my work,” he says mischievously. “because technically, it’s not actually possible.”davis creates electronically generated graphic compositions of almost unimaginable complexity and individuality. equally at home with print and electronic media, he builds his own Flash-based programs to combine and recombine colors borrowed from nature with forms that include organic shapes, text elements, and other symbols. 

website joshua davis


an image from Davis’s “tropism” exhibition, inspired by a 1908 book of floral dissections, at the Espeis Gallery in Brooklyn, NY


a generative composition created for BMW, based on forms found on the Z4 coupe


November 16, 2007

seems like we need some weird craziness these days (probably always has been that way) to get attention but right now every good commercial has to be “hand made” to be cool. dare you to do cgi, that’s OUT! visuals and the latin music don’t work well together and leaves you with this awkward kind of “huu?”.


November 11, 2007

another (not recently released but still cool) visually intriguing piece directed by todd mueller and kylie matulick (produced by psyop). the new york motion animation and special effect house psyop is run and owned by both todd and kylie, but compared to many competitors they do direct and create a lot of their work inhouse and don’t concentrate on special effects only. nice shop.

psyop website

florence & johann

November 10, 2007

florence tétier and johann besse are a lausanne, switzerland based graphic design, photography and illsutration team (not a couple) which finished studies in 2006, graduating from ECAL – an in 1821 founded fine and applied art school, now officially university of art and design.

the two have an interesting mix of disciplines and work on their site. often combining different media to create its own style. i’d describe it as somwhere between psychedelic introverted and forward agressive.

florence & johann website