check out the music label klamauk (which basically means hullabaloo) from mainz, germany. founded by tilman schwarz, michael fluhr and karsten brommenschenkel in august 2008. the label focuses on techno and house (or as they’d describe it: microfunk) releases.

not only do i actually like the music but the guys running the show came up with a cool web device. because the first vinyl release was a black and white print with individual hand coloration from each artist the guys from klamauk wanted to keep the individual element to their releases alive even for mp3 cover art. the website was realized by euro rscg 4d in duesseldorf, germany.

design your cover at and listen to their music at juno or itunes.




evident utensil video

April 5, 2009

visually pretty interesting video for “evident utensil” from “chairlift”, an american electro pop group which was founded 2006 in boulder, colorado. the three group members aaron pfenning (songwriting/vocals/electronics/guitar), caroline polachek (songwriting/vocals/tambourine/synthesizer) and patrick wimberly (drums/bass guitar/keyboard/production) are now based in new york.

after “bruises” was featured in the new ipod nano tv commercial in september 2008 the band promptly got written up everywhere.

stay up (viagra)

March 19, 2009

another nice video featuring kanye west – “stay up (viagra)” from his album “the death of adam”. think director jason goldwatch did a pretty good job and i like kanye’s fable for ironic and satiric video interpretations like “can’t tell me nothing” which i loved. it’s entertainment baby.

dove backlash

November 12, 2007

had started the discussion about whether the unilever dove campaign is hypocritical or not in one of my earlier blog entries. one opinion was visualized in this youtube video. do you recognize the bits and pieces?

sony music pieces

November 4, 2007

sony’s latest commercial “music pieces” created by fallon in london and directed by nick gordon doesn’t have the dimension the bravia spots have. interesting yes but even though it might have never been done before it’s not surprising and stunning (might be for musicians but the average joe?). has a bit of the “hey this is great, because it is art, it is music and it is another big sony commercial” taste coming along with it.

the reacTable is an electro-acoustic music instrument with a tabletop tangible userinterface that has been developed within the music technology group at the universitat pompeu fabra in barcelona, spain by sergi jordà, martin kaltenbrunner, günter geiger and marcos alonso.

the reacTable is a round translucent table, used in a darkened room, and appears as a backlit display. by placing blocks called tangibles on the table, and interfacing with the visual display via the tangibles or fingertips, a virtual modular synthesizer is operated, creating music or sound effects.

(source: wikipedia) thanks for the hint kabe!

how it works:

what it does:

kurt cobain, himself

October 18, 2007

spoken completely by kurt cobain himself, “kurt cobain about a son” is a documentary (or almost autobiography) about success and failures, thoughts and experiences. 25 hours of spoken and unheard audio parts are worked into this movie revealing a highly personal and intimate view on an outstanding music artist.

kurt cobain about a son – website