a photo a day

March 25, 2009

the fwa created a webpage called fwaphoto.com where they highlight one amazing photo (in some cases it seems like a very subjective decision to say the least but some are really good and fun) a day.

not only can you watch them on your laptop but also download a free iphone application via itunes. and that’s nice, because it does help to get through some bowring meetings. or just take a minute off, look for the right shot and dream away for a few.

check it out.



it is a shame how the city of detroit has been run down and ruined. yves marchand and romain meffre captured the forgotten beauty of a once powerful and vibrant city.

looking at the photos you don’t know what to feel. there is something absolutely fascinating in those dilapidated structures. it makes you dream, you start thinking about the times when these places were filled with life. where are the people who once stood in the hallways, worked in those offices, lived in those houses and what are their memories? how was the very last moment before the doors were shut and locked.

the city had at it’s peak in the 50s a population of roughly 2 million. 50 years later it’s down to about 750 thousand – declining, with about 2000 people leaving the city area per month.

see more images here.





jay z typography

March 12, 2009

brooklyn (go hard), interesting video but it would have been nice to form the face out of the lyrics versus just the brooklyn. anyways refreshing to see from jay z instead of some worn out gangster stuff, quite stylish.

impressive his architectural work. kim høltermand, born 1977 in denmark. don’t know much more than that. but most importantly is anyways what he does – photography. i like how he merges the authenticity of a moment and place with style and purity. obviously it is subjective but i love this kind of photography and image esthetic.

more here. holtermand.dk





be a photographer

March 10, 2009

check out this fun online piece where you slip into the role and view of a fashion photographer. you can shoot both a man and a woman and put the best shots into a virtual magazine, sending that off to friends pretending you are a hero.

downside is, the email that gets send off highlights mostly the JAG webspecial and it is actually hard see the link to your magazine. anyways, still a fun piece and the site works well.


jag magazine

kalle gustafsson

November 6, 2008

check out this guy, kalle gustafsson. sounds like the most cliche swedish name i have ever heard but he does some really cool work.




fotofest beijing

December 27, 2007

not really recent but nevertheless interesting. some of the images have a truth and reality to it you don’t find that often anymore. in october 2006, fotofest international partnered with hewlett packard china and a team of chinese photographers and businessmen to sponsor an event bringing together 278 contemporary chinese photographers and 35 influential professionals from the professional and art photography world in europe, north america, china and australia – meeting place fotofest beijing 2006 (MPFB2006).

MBFB2006 was an unprecedented event in china. it was designed to open up new opportunities for contemporary chinese photography. it was the first time a large number of contemporary photographers in china were able to show their work to such a broad-based group of important international curators, commercial gallery owners, photography festival directors, editors, representatives of photo agencies, educators, and director/curators of artist spaces.

photographers came to beijing from all over china. some were long-time professionals and others were recent graduates of chinese art and film schools. for four days, the international reviewers met with chinese photographers on a one-to-one basis, looked at their work and shared professional knowledge. the range of photography presented was remarkably broad, from classical black and white documentary to conceptual color works.

website fotofest