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April 9, 2009

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mwm graphics

April 5, 2009

diversity and quality are two things coming to mind when i look at what matt w moore does professionally. he is a designer, illustrator and generally a creative mind i guess. and, it’s pretty hard to stand out these days where you can find pretty much everything over and over again, where the same thing with just a different name on the tag is only a mouse click away.

doesn’t happen that often that you find someone who does wallpapers, snowboards, art, packaging and other stuff with such a high quality level and unique style.

check out his site and work. mwm graphics






design a hoodie

March 25, 2009 is a fun and extremely smart marketing webpage done by the fashion label champion (actually nightagency did it but …). they basically created a website that allows you to design one or several hoodies you can enter into a hoodie contest. having that said you can only enter if you register and all of sudden they have your personal data and thousands of hoodie designs they don’t need to pay some fashion designer for.

and as the page itself states, there are 157277 hoodie designs so far. not bad guys. it’s a good page though and actually fun to throw a few patterns on the hoodie.

try here.