check out the music label klamauk (which basically means hullabaloo) from mainz, germany. founded by tilman schwarz, michael fluhr and karsten brommenschenkel in august 2008. the label focuses on techno and house (or as they’d describe it: microfunk) releases.

not only do i actually like the music but the guys running the show came up with a cool web device. because the first vinyl release was a black and white print with individual hand coloration from each artist the guys from klamauk wanted to keep the individual element to their releases alive even for mp3 cover art. the website was realized by euro rscg 4d in duesseldorf, germany.

design your cover at and listen to their music at juno or itunes.




LED sheep

April 2, 2009

samsung, one of the consumer electronic companies that usually does stuff more on boring side of life landed now a big hit with their viral video “extreme sheepherding” done by the viral factory.

it is definitely entertaining to watch. having that said i can’t push upcoming thoughts about sony’s extremely successful color campaign aside. the fact that the two companies are direct competitors makes me, from a creative perspective, feel just slightly uncomfortable. anyways check it out so you know what people talk about right now.

these have been around for a while but i just came across ’em again and think they worth watching. actually pretty funny commercials for done by the LA creative shop 72andsunny.

design a hoodie

March 25, 2009 is a fun and extremely smart marketing webpage done by the fashion label champion (actually nightagency did it but …). they basically created a website that allows you to design one or several hoodies you can enter into a hoodie contest. having that said you can only enter if you register and all of sudden they have your personal data and thousands of hoodie designs they don’t need to pay some fashion designer for.

and as the page itself states, there are 157277 hoodie designs so far. not bad guys. it’s a good page though and actually fun to throw a few patterns on the hoodie.

try here.



a photo a day

March 25, 2009

the fwa created a webpage called where they highlight one amazing photo (in some cases it seems like a very subjective decision to say the least but some are really good and fun) a day.

not only can you watch them on your laptop but also download a free iphone application via itunes. and that’s nice, because it does help to get through some bowring meetings. or just take a minute off, look for the right shot and dream away for a few.

check it out.


slip is a short film produced by the interactive agency akqa for xbox. it is produced pretty well, the images are great and the VO fits the purpose and visuals. the film portrays a freerun beyond the possible. the footage was filmed by 4 HD cameras, capturing 1000 frames per second.

akqa claims this has been the first time cameras like these were attached to a freerunner, filming the pov. golden square did the post production, adephoi music the sound design.

by “fast company” 02/11/09

Crispin Porter + Bogusky
: New clients including Best Buy, Hulu, Microsoft, and Old Navy have flocked to the ad shop that made Burger King cool.

: TBWA’s Media Arts Lab’s “Get a Mac” tag team continues to define the brand battle of the 21st century.

Barbarian Group
: The scrappy digital production shop behind the Subservient Chicken is now an interactive lab for companies such as Adobe and CNN.

: Advertising at this boundary-crossing agency spans fuel-efficiency apps for Fiat, alternate-reality games for McDonald’s, and sneaker-design tools for Nike.

: The media-agnostic British shop has grown 80% in New York with clients such as Johnson & Johnson and Nokia.

: The two-year-old mobile ad network had a banner year and landed $17 million of funding from Sequoia Capital.

Saatchi & Saatchi S
: Former Sierra Club prez-turned-Wal-Mart consultant Adam Werbach gained access to huge companies after Saatchi & Saatchi bought his firm.

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
: The San Francisco-based agency stretched far beyond display ads, including a Wario Wii ad that demolished its own YouTube page.

42 Entertainment
: The stealth multi-platform marketers built buzz for The Dark Knight with an alternate-reality campaign.

Obscura Digital
: This band of projectionists turns the world into a billboard for brands including GM, Google, and Oracle.

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