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April 9, 2009

please check in on the continuation of this blog at pinkEYE and enjoy yourself.



these have been around for a while but i just came across ’em again and think they worth watching. actually pretty funny commercials for done by the LA creative shop 72andsunny.

visual crap

March 13, 2009

allright, how many more times do i need to see a toilet paper in combination with a space to put down a killer idea? no more! same counts for napkins of all kind. we’ve seen it. ok? if this is advertising for a visual arts school then better do something that’s fresh, as the next guard of visual artists should be, and first and foremost: think! as claimed.

also, i bet in most cases there is going to be still crap on that toilet paper no matter if you wipe off your brain or a…


i love it. can’t say it any shorter or more clear. as insane as the skittles advertising is, it is probably the most absurd, fun ad stuff of recent years. think about it for a second and put yourself into the position of one of the creatives who came up with that stuff. you are basically paid for flying over a cuckoo’s nest. just awesome. enjoy, hope there is more to come.