trash art

April 3, 2009

very graphic, like it. the italian artist moreno di trapani has created a unique installation in reaction to the garbage crisis in naples, italy. di trapani placed hundreds of stuffed garbage bags into an empty building in the northern city of tradate. the building facade overflows with the bags, which “ooze out of the windows and out of the doors; the garbage piles up on the balcony.”

trainloads of naples garbage (some of which had radioactivity levels eighty times the norm), collected by the italian army, have been shipped to hamburg, germany last year to be processed. love it.

let the germans process the trash.


(photo by gianpietro malosio, text partly from jennifer allen, artforum)


like this a lot! it is art that’s not only thoughtful but also artful and artistic in a literal sense. on a first glimpse just black and white, 2d graphical that turns with the second look into a delicate and complex 3d installation. debbie smyth was selected as one of the most promising graduates of 2008 for the dezeen talent zone. her installation pins & threads uses, as the title suggests, sewing pins and black thread to draw a series of electricity pylons across several canvas panels.

the technique transforms ordinary structures — often thought of as ugly blots on the landscape — into beautifully minimal graphic drawings, which are at once 2D and 3D, anchored to their panels but also floating in space.

debbie smyth graduated from the west wales school of arts in 2008 and describes herself as a constructed textile artist. her work employs “an array of mechanisms, she folds, collapses, inflates and interlocks her materials to transform two-dimensional lines and planes into three-dimensional shapes and space.”