like this a lot! it is art that’s not only thoughtful but also artful and artistic in a literal sense. on a first glimpse just black and white, 2d graphical that turns with the second look into a delicate and complex 3d installation. debbie smyth was selected as one of the most promising graduates of 2008 for the dezeen talent zone. her installation pins & threads uses, as the title suggests, sewing pins and black thread to draw a series of electricity pylons across several canvas panels.

the technique transforms ordinary structures — often thought of as ugly blots on the landscape — into beautifully minimal graphic drawings, which are at once 2D and 3D, anchored to their panels but also floating in space.

debbie smyth graduated from the west wales school of arts in 2008 and describes herself as a constructed textile artist. her work employs “an array of mechanisms, she folds, collapses, inflates and interlocks her materials to transform two-dimensional lines and planes into three-dimensional shapes and space.”



“the problem perspective” moma exhibition features work from martin kippenberger, one of the most influential artists of our time, from march to mid may.

martin kippenberger (1953–1997) produced a complex and richly varied body of work from the mid-1970s until his untimely death in 1997 at the age of forty-four. this ambitious, large-scale exhibition includes key selections and bodies of work from his entire career: paintings, sculpture, works on paper, installations, multiples, photographs, posters, announcement cards, books, and music. the exhibition will be accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue—published by MOCA and co-published by the MIT Press—which will constitute a comprehensive and scholarly examination of the artist’s career.

about martin kippenberger

moma website

more work by martin kippenberger



visual crap

March 13, 2009

allright, how many more times do i need to see a toilet paper in combination with a space to put down a killer idea? no more! same counts for napkins of all kind. we’ve seen it. ok? if this is advertising for a visual arts school then better do something that’s fresh, as the next guard of visual artists should be, and first and foremost: think! as claimed.

also, i bet in most cases there is going to be still crap on that toilet paper no matter if you wipe off your brain or a…


here is a digital artist called eric sin but some of his work looks like salvador dali was using his computer and moved his mouse for him. other stuff looks like joshua davis was over for a coffee and some stuff is i guess pretty cool and genuine.

then all of a sudden it makes sense to me. the guy is 19 years old. shit, that puts it into perspective. first of all he is still finding himself, second of all it’s amazing what those kids can do nowadays. over are the atari days!

have to point again to for some really good digital work. don’t miss looking into it.



op art

January 4, 2008

dave bollinger has created a series of works that are similar to op-art, squeezing the same basic shape into atightly packed and dense array. bollinger suggests, ‘most of these are intended to be viewed “from a distance” as a whole, not studied in detail up close’. the simple shapes create mesmerizing patterns that play with the eye, similar to optical illusions. well, i’d say after 10 minutes of starring on them i can see complex figurative images of dancing cows and other things. try that!

worksamples dave bollinger



fotofest beijing

December 27, 2007

not really recent but nevertheless interesting. some of the images have a truth and reality to it you don’t find that often anymore. in october 2006, fotofest international partnered with hewlett packard china and a team of chinese photographers and businessmen to sponsor an event bringing together 278 contemporary chinese photographers and 35 influential professionals from the professional and art photography world in europe, north america, china and australia – meeting place fotofest beijing 2006 (MPFB2006).

MBFB2006 was an unprecedented event in china. it was designed to open up new opportunities for contemporary chinese photography. it was the first time a large number of contemporary photographers in china were able to show their work to such a broad-based group of important international curators, commercial gallery owners, photography festival directors, editors, representatives of photo agencies, educators, and director/curators of artist spaces.

photographers came to beijing from all over china. some were long-time professionals and others were recent graduates of chinese art and film schools. for four days, the international reviewers met with chinese photographers on a one-to-one basis, looked at their work and shared professional knowledge. the range of photography presented was remarkably broad, from classical black and white documentary to conceptual color works.

website fotofest




room/building tetris

December 21, 2007

i love when people have strange and surprising ideas like these. the videos with people “playing” room or building tetris is quite cool. either way, electronically or manually controlled, it’s fun.